Industrial internet of things

Industrial internet of things

Industrial internet of things (IIoT)

Manufacturers always have to deal with a fairly large distribution chain. Each of stakeholders in the process has different expectations out of these machines and assets under their portfolio. Dots services help to connect the dots in real-time in terms of them having insight in their respective need of information. Manufacturers can offer connected solutions that can engage their distributors, resellers and end users on and above other direct benefits that they can achieve out of these services.

In order to avoid downtimes and heavy losses, manufacturers need to ensure that all their equipment and machines are functioning with optimal performance. This necessitates monitoring of machines, capturing and analysis of performance data to ensure the health of machines. Monitoring of plant and equipment, capturing and analyzing production data and presenting that data to key stakeholders, anywhere on any device. A number of different performance parameters can be measured, analyzed and reported.

DOTS Services of Industrial Internet of things is primarily for the segment of customers from manufacturing and Factories. DOTS is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 by offering some latest and most advanced solutions for the industry. DOTS offers range of ruggedized gateways and controllers suitable for industrial standard of benchmark. Manufacturing process Automation needs to comply with stringent levels of standards for accuracy and response level and DOTS have delivered projects with such requirements.

IoT Applications for Industrial Internet of Things:
  • Integrated Manufacturing Plants
  • Integrated Factory Automation
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