DOTS has its services spectrum across industries from various walks of the life. Internet of Things (IoT) is spreading their wings to serve good number of use cases in different industry verticals. Some of the industries served by DOTS are Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Transportation, Life and Safety, Data Centers, Airports, Retail, Oil and Gas, Marine and Shipping, Logistics, Residential, Government and many more. Each of industry has its own unique IoT use case which are delivered by DOTS by suitable design and selection of right technology. DOTS delivers its solution in totality serving end to end requirement starting from field sensors engineering to enterprise wide analytics and reports generated out of real-time and historical data.

service for energy sector

IoT Enabled Smart Energy Services

Managing and reducing energy consumption not only saves money but also helps in mitigating climate change and enhancing corporate reputation. To reduce the operational cost, risk and carbon emission. DOTS IoT Enabled Energy Management Services is delivering the smart energy services to all building owner, real estate and owner associations to be part of Green Initiatives.

Regulatory requirements aiming to reduce carbon emissions and energy use require accurate energy data collection and effective management systems. Good energy management practices are compliant with these requirements and help fulfil regulatory obligations.

IoT enabled Energy Management Services for energy savings strategies are based on real time monitoring, control and trends analysis of usage in commercial Buildings and Homes. DOTS with state of the art IoT technology, provides end to end services for energy management services deployment across the globe.

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service for education sector

IoT Enabled Smart Education Services

Internet and technology related innovations are always being a key factor of successful educational sectors across globe with an updated curriculum for generations to come. DOTS IoT Enabled Education Services provides effective digital services in education, with the help of IoT powered technologies to optimize operations, enhance life & safety, reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and help managing assets in much smarter way than ever. RF id cards and readers will make sure the regular and timely attendance of each students. Transportation companies and their assets for school related operations activities will be under surveillance.

Seamless connected environment for the students have been created with the help of IoT technologies which is an out of the box idea for feeding the student with right content based their interest to attend such online class rooms. Also, the library of archival will help the students to review and understand the contents thoroughly.

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service for government sector

IoT Enabled Smart Government Services

In today’s context, operating a country without technological innovations are brining high risk at its operations layer for mitigating operational challenges which are coming frequently. The Internet of Things has strong support factors to improve government services from public place management to governing bodies.DOTS IoT Enabled Government Services has several verities of Smart IoT services for government entities, these process driven IoT services will help the government entities to collect and analyze immense amount of data generated in its interaction with various stakeholders to improve delivery models in its optimum shape.

Smart cities with the help of IoT Enabled initiatives are able to reduce expenses by optimizing operational cost.Smart government initiative services and their confidential data sources are looking forward to adopt cost effective internet-connected services with high security features that make it easy to establish monitor and control government services like traffic management, smart parking, smart city and street lighting, live connected security checks, environmental control and monitoring, seamless data exchange between government sectors across the country. Actionable data which have been collected are real time available and archived for future analysis and will delivered via smart applications to the desired users based on their right set of privileges defined at the enterprise layer security and user centric IoT platform. Smart services for government sectors make possible new services and will create a connected world for people, processes, infrastructure, buildings, and ultimately lead to a happy city.

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service for airports sector

IoT Enabled Smart Airports Services

In present time running a profitable airport demands effective streamlining and simplifying operational excellence while limiting the operation costs. Unmanaged airports, not only cut profits but also amounts to flight delays, check in queues, choked lifts, and car parks, congestions and bottlenecks on the air side, land side and terminal. DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Airports Services offer the right technology for airports of different size.

DOTS supports the IoT Enabled Smart Airports Services that fully exploit the power of emerging and maturing technologies, with advanced and pervasively deployed sense-analyses respond capabilities. Systems are built around a Smart Network, a single, converged, often carrier-class IP network that enables high-speed broadband traffic throughout the entire ecosystem, including the airport, airport city, airlines, Travelers and Logistic Customers as well. The Smart Network will be the airport’s nervous system, touching and managing every point of interaction.

By enabling the exchange of real-time information, deep cross-silo collaboration, and airport-wide process integration, smart airports significantly improve operational efficiencies, passenger services, and advanced security capabilities. They also take passenger experience to new heights by delivering a range of personalized services enabled by seamless exchange of passenger data to anticipate needed services.

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service for retail sector

IoT Enabled Smart Retail Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows retailers to understand their shop-floor performance lively and can bring fastest operational control keys, analyse and share data about the physical world around them is most important for a retail environment. In retail sector, People counters, RFID systems, Cash Counter Software & Systems, Cellular/Wi-Fi systems, Digital Signage, kiosk, or even a customer’s mobile device can be sensed for data analytics. DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Retail Services will also measure your shop performance matrix, so that you know the smartest time of day to improve or gain more business transactions. The cross shoppers are always welcome as the data proves you are a real valuable customer.

IoT Enabled Smart Retail Services will support in establishing live connection to their retail outlets. which will ultimately help the retail owner to analyses the shop performance from anywhere in the world. Easy business logics implementation and faster market trending changes acceptance are the highlights of being the early adopter of IoT powered services in retail sector.

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service for data centers

IoT Enabled Smart Data Centers Services

Data Centre Management is a multi-specialty discipline. The data center manager has to maintain the data, ensure that the operations and facility run smoothly and understand the needs of the business and its workforce 24/7 on all 365 days of the year. DOTS IoT enabled Smart Data Center Services will help owners to reduce their energy consumption and GHG emissions and meet corporate and government sustainability goals.

The IT department handles the installation of servers and other equipment, runs the application software and lends support to the users. The facilities department looks after the real estate, the building and its maintenance, and allocates space for electrical equipment and offices. It is unusual that any one person has overall responsibility for the efficiency of the data centre, and the way in which IT and building systems interact with each other to consume electricity.

DOTS with a new approach, for delivering IoT Enabled Smart Data Centers Services with infrastructure managed services, brings together information technology (IT) and facility management to centralise monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning for all a data centre’s critical systems. This approach can help data centre managers identify and eliminate sources of risk and increase the availability of critical IT systems.

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service for hospitality sector

IoT Enabled Smart Hospitality Services

IoT Enabled Smart Hospitality Services has a great potential to increasing revenue generating streams by adopting market leading IoT services. Remote monitoring and management using IoT services can reduce energy consumption; ensure that backup generators work when needed, food storage systems work properly. They can implement smart technologies and ensure that these systems continue to work on 24 X 7 to deliver exceptional experience to customers. Vending machines, which offer additional revenue opportunity for hotels, can be monitored to ensure that these machines continue to work at all times and there are no stock-outs. DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Hospitality Services are designed to help and improve Hospitality sector to meet heights level of customer satisfaction with best operations control.

Along with the benefits, many new techniques bring new costs and, in many countries, costs are also being pushed up by populations that are ageing and overweight. Healthcare organizations are looking for new and more efficient ways to manage care delivery in order to keep the costs to manageable levels. Technology has an important role to play in this, not just in reducing costs, but also in improving the quality of service provided.

DOTS with its state of the art IoT Technology is providing the smart hospital services extending from infrastructure, equipment’s, services and local / Remote Monitoring and Verification services for Optimization of Resource and adding value and Standard to Healthcare Sector. With our IoT Platforms for various verticals not only making them Smart but integrating the same under Common Platform for Effective control and Proactive Measures Meeting Regulation Standards.

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service for manufacturing sector

IoT Enabled Smart Manufacturing Services

Smart Manufacturing has the potential to fundamentally change how products are designed, manufactured, supplied, used, remanufactured and eventually retired. Current smart manufacturing implementations are mostly at the plant level, and use information technology, sensor networks, computerized controls, and production management software to improve efficiency. DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Manufacturing Services has a totally different approach to implement IoT enabled smart manufacturing process driven facility with Advanced Human-Machine interaction and Augmented Reality.

DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Manufacturing Services with Intelligent Sensor Network and Tailor made factories saves money, which can then be invested in product development. Once analyzed, smart manufacturing data shows where customer needs are and managers can find opportunities for new products or re-imagined products of a higher quality.

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service for transport sector

IoT Enabled Smart Transport Services

IoT enabled solution delivery to address transportation problems harnessing the pervasive power of the Internet. It creates a platform on which all the players within a transportation system can communicate with each other in real time to optimize their operations and deliver efficiencies. DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Transport Services deliverables are not restricted to particular analytical methodologies, reporting formats or data visualisation structures. Over the whole process from data acquisition and mapping, through developing complex equations, creating diagnostic rules and analysing the data, to visualisation and reporting, the service allows users the freedom to make use of the data in the way that suits them best.

DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Transport Services, we call it as Mobile Asset Management System addresses these problem with State of the art applications Suite for managing and tracking all types of vehicles in real time. The Vehicle Monitoring module shows all the listed vehicles in one view together with their live location on a map. The system shows a range of information about the vehicle, including direction of travel and speed, who the driver is and when the next test is due. The system allows fleet managers to schedule routes efficiently, to track deliveries, to know which vehicle is carrying specific parts, and to reduce waste and inefficiency. DOTS Asset Monitoring Suite provide the same user experience on a web browser as that of a standalone windows application, with access securely restricted to authorized users.

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service for logistics sector

IoT Enabled Smart Logistics Services

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) can dramatically enhance efficiency of logistics, with an enormous variety of current and potential applications. DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Logistics Services help its customers optimize logistical operations by providing a range of IoT services. These services can gather a tremendous amount of intelligence with respect to trucks, trains, and other vehicles used for transportation of goods, or within the warehouses (e.g., forklifts, cranes, etc.). This can help improve operations as well ensure continuity of services. IoT services can also help enhance life safety of workers at warehouse locations.

DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Logistics Services includes number of Smart application those are being clubbed together to form an Intelligent Network of informed Operation and availability of data at all stages in one common place to take proactive and emergency actions.

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service for marine sector

IoT Enabled Smart Marine Ports Services

Marine industry’s objective is to offer best possible updated technology for offshore services by adopting solutions that marine users to experience by proactive and predictive maintenance management practices. DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Marine Ports Services & state of the art technologies for marine industry supports in bringing higher value driven marine industry space achieved by data unification and building an extensive model on top of it to deliver results as IoT enabled integrated service format.

DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Marine Ports Services deliver state of the art Technologies for marine industry supports in bringing higher value driven marine industry space achieved by data unification and building an extensive model on top of it to deliver results as managed service format.

Adopting vendor neutral approach DOTS in these services integrate equipment using available possible interface. These integrations will be done at the site end and the critical data and information will be transmitted via cellular/satellite to central monitoring system to be processed by enterprise management software.

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service for oil and gas sector

IoT Enabled Smart Oil and Gas Services

The Industrial Internet of Things becomes heartbeat of Oil and Gas organizations to make decisions with the help of stream of data which has been collected from EDGE layer sensory and gateway components. A fully digitalized world helping physical world to meet its needs are today’s highlights of IoT in Oil & Gas.Some of DOTSIoT Enabled Smart Oil and Gas Services for the industry includes plant optimization, monitoring and managing equipment, life safety, pipeline monitoring and management, vehicle telemetries, monitoring for cathodic protection, environment monitoring, security, water quality monitoring, and wastewater monitoring.

The industry has been responsible for a number of high-profile environmental incidents, including oil spills, and leaks from refineries and pipelines that have resulted in a great deal of negative media coverage. Most countries now impose strict regulations about safety and environmental controls. The oil and gas industry has worked hard over recent years to meet the challenge of providing energy and related products while, at the same time, protecting the environment. Much has already been achieved, but the industry recognizes that even more can be accomplished. Therefore, it is crucial that operatives within the oil and gas industries can control and monitor the plant during every part of every process, including times when staff are not present on site.

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service for residential sector

IoT Enabled Smart Home Services

Home Automation transforms your home into a state-of-the-art intelligent residence enabling you to control and view your home from any part of the world using a normal Internet browser. In addition to this, the endless capabilities of DOTS services for smart home & apartments will make your living comfort & control on your fingertips for anything to everything as part of the residence. Both wired and wireless solutions are available for customer’s choice.

DOTS IoT Enabled Smart Home Services provides the home owners the luxury of e-Lifestyle and to experience the exclusive support of 24x7x365 days remote monitoring.The system enables residents to view their homes from anywhere in the world, control air-conditioning, carry out virtual parenting, check on near and dear ones from anywhere, and much more.Our state of the art home automation services, functions as a gateway to the world of Internet services. Our Smart Service provides every home with control capability to create a totally automated environment for lighting control, temperature control, security and all safety features enabled.

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service for healthcare sector

IoT Enabled Smart Healthcare Services

IoT in healthcare has significant advantages, some of the example applications are remote condition monitoring, smart environmental monitoring, medical equipment Integration & data Analytics, Operation Theater Monitoring. IoT can bring lot of improvementsfor patient’s care, physicians deliverables. IoT enabled Healthcare sector can also give an extra feature to patientsfor spending more time interacting with their doctors for critical diagnostics. It’s the data that makes senseto improve the lives of patients and the organization of health care across its various aspects such as the ability for practitioners, specialists and staff to make better decisions effectively.

DOTS IoT Enabled Healthcare Services provides an impressive range of Smart IoT services for healthcare industry to ensure continued critical operations, with all equipment and infrastructure items delivering ideal performances.

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