Smart city services

Smart City Services in Dubai

Smart City Services

Cities are combination of various forms of assets, infrastructure, managing entities, government, corporate and every single citizen as an ecosystem. Internet of things enabled Smart cities make information available to the right people in real time, allowing them to take proactive action, use resources more efficiently, matching the supply of services to demand. Integration of systems brings benefits in deciding information based on facts and figures and trends over a period of time. Dots strength is to seamlessly integrate with physical layer of systems using appropriate technology and then making data made available to enterprise big data analysis application layer. Dots offer numerous smart city services under their Smart City Services portfolio.

DOTS Services for Smart Cities are data driven services for a number of use cases applicable in a smart city scenario. Cities are made of Infrastructure and its supporting ecosystems. DOTS offer services for managing smart services for hospitals, Schools, transportation, retail, food distribution, manufacturers, airports, hotels, residential and other related infrastructures. Services are offered in diverse domain of applications such as Life and Safety, Energy Savings, Water Conservation, Waste Management, Tracking and workforce management, Parking, traffic, Street lighting and many more. Data driven services offerings by DOTS makes interoperability and data exchange possible to achieve higher efficiencies, transparency and new services proposition that evolves with such ecosystem.

IoT Applications for Smart City Services:
  • City Centric IoTIntegration Platform
  • City Centric Vertical Apps
  • Driver Development
  • Smart Apps Development
  • Real time BI layer
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