Automation Company in Dubai
1500+ Clients
DOTS is one of the fastest grown Internet of Things services provider with successful Smart and Connected projects delivered for their 1500+ clients based in different continents worldwide.
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city centric iot integration platform
Present in 7 countries
and growing
DOTS has network of Offices and Affiliates based across the Globe making it possible to deliver services with Global benchmark and standards with local support and co-ordination
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smart city services in dubai
Creating Benchmark
for Smart Cities
Smart Cities are vision of government worldwide to integrate information and communication technology and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in a secure fashion to manage city’s infrastructure and services operating in synch to achieve inter operability with ultimate objective to ensure happy citizens
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IoT enabled Smart Solution
Technology for
Connected Living
IoT as a tool that can save people money within their households. If their home appliances are able to communicate, they can operate in an energy efficient way. IoT to assist people with their everyday plans
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Smart Solution and Services
Smart Machines
Smart Services for the world of connected machines. Offered services competes the loop in product design by enabling manufacturers receiving operations data in real time and over a period of time. Fault signature analysis, productive diagnostics, machine learning are some of deliverables for manufacturers of the machines
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smart city services
Delivering IoT
for a Happier World
Business and individuals can reap many benefits from the Internet of Things. Offered IoT Services are useful in many categories including asset tracking, inventory control, security, comfort management, energy management, critical asset management and many more data driven services
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smart city services
DOTS is an accredited ESCO approved by governing authorities. Company delivers an IoT enabled Global Smart Energy Services (SES) program for commercial buildings, residential buildings and other infrastructure establishments
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connecting things that matter

DOTS is a global service provider of innovation driven Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with unparalleled expertise in enabling responsive smart cities, managed critical assets, data driven environment, and intelligent machines. The company has built technology and interface to seamlessly integrate with wide and diverse range of critical assets and machines. Such solution and services offered by DOTS enable massive amount of data generation which is processed by their Big Data analytics tools and thereby delivering actionable intelligence. DOTS has delivered some of the world’s largest IoT projects to a wide range of industry verticals. DOTS is considered as one of the pioneers to deliver working solutions within smart city services and Internet of Things domain, offering fully functional IoT applications across vertical of industry. DOTS has deployed smart manufacturing factories, smart airports, smart buildings, smart transportation, smart waste management, smart energy management and anenormous range of other smart city services in different parts of the world.

DOTS offerings are uniquely positioned with very strong credentials and successful case studies. The company has delivered a number of IoT solutions such as Energy Management Systems, Integrated Building Management Systems, Fleet management Systems, Remote Monitoring Systems for critical assets, Smart Home Systems, ELV systems and many more within the UAE and worldwide, helping its customers to achieve higher productivity, improved efficiencies, enhanced life of assets, ensured higher up time and reduced costs of operations.

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Internet of things services

Smart services for business verticals

DOTS position itself as vendor-agnostic automation expert and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, is also a proponent of usingstandards and open data technologies. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are seen as medium to reduce resource wastage worldwide. The company is seen as an expert in service delivery in providing sophisticated solutions that will transform the enterprise and support the new business management paradigm.

DOTS business model is to create a service-oriented networks that becomes apool of high-impact services which can target the gap between costs and revenues that is lingering across the industry sector globally.

DOTS services are collaborative in nature and several engagement formats and channels are defined and established by them to take forward Internet of Things (IoT) services to their clients adds a new revenue stream to their current business activities and allows them to strengthen customer relationships.

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